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Meet our Members

Welcome to our Members Spotlight!

This is where you will be able to "meet" the members we have at The Blackberry Farm. They will be sharing many different things like how long they've been a member, what they do, or what their favorite part of the show or memory is.

Hi! We're John & Theresa Howrey

We have both been members for about 15 years.

We each grew up on farms. Theresa grew up in the northwest section of Iowa (Crawford County) and I grew up in north central Iowa (Calhoun County). The farms were the typical small farms that raised corn beans, oats, and hay. Also, we raised the typical cow, hogs, sheep and chickens for livestock. As a result, we were both exposed to the traditional way of farming. We retired in Grand Rapids Minnesota.

During our marriage, we purchased a 1952 B John Deere from Theresa's Father. 

Theresa, along with some of the ladies in the Association, care for the flowers you see around the grounds during our annual show in August.

John has served on the Board of Directors for 11 years and is generally seen operating the threshing machine during the annual August show.

We have a good bunch of guys (very smart and talented), who work well together and teach each other new things. We have learned a lot from working with them on Workday Wednesdays.

We would like everyone to know that you don't need to own an antique tractor to be a member here. If you have any interest at all, come and join us! We usually have meetings the first Monday of each month at 7pm (there are a couple exceptions to this rule). For future reference, the Association is also starting to be known as "The Blackberry Farm".

Hi! I'm Bruce Gould

I have been a member for 20 - 25 years. It's been so long that I can't remember the exact number!

I originally started out by collecting toy tractors before I found out that the real tractors were cheaper! As a matter of fact, I bought an Allis Chalmers G from a club member in the beginning, and I still have it to this day.

During the show you will most likely find me in the announcer's booth, but I will also help out in a lot of different areas around the grounds. You will always be able to tell it's me from all the orange! 

I originally joined the club because I love tractors and preserving the past, but it's really all the people! There are so many talented and helpful people out there. I still love tractors, but now with so many other pieces of history around the grounds, you don't need to be a tractor guy to enjoy the show.

A dream of mine is to get the younger generation interested in preserving the past. So come on out and learn something new! We are a welcoming bunch and would love to share what we do with you!

Hi! I'm Jenna Madoll

I have been a member of the club for my entire life. From running around just being a kid, to helping Mom in the Kitchen, working with Dad in the Barn with our horses, and now helping run the social media for the club. 

I used to give field demonstrations using Draft Horses. If you came to the show in 2021, there's a good chance you got a wagon ride with me! Now, I can be found giving wagon rides with the tractors, or working towards getting the old printing press up and running.

There are so many amazing aspects to The Blackberry Farm, that it is impossible to pick a favorite. Although, I do really enjoy getting to hear all the different stories from back in the day from all these different people. I learn something new every year!  

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